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america’s favorite glove repair shop.

Same day pick-up for southern california residents


Located in Southern California, our family has been in the baseball glove repair business for over 30 years.



(310) 320-2243


Drop-off Location

Torrance Batting Cages
2300 Jefferson St
Torrance, CA 90501
(Contact for shipping address)



Mon-Fri 2p–10p
Sat-Sun 1oa–5p

Call for Holidays

*May be closed during rain, we operate out of an outdoor business


We can relace any glove imaginable. Pricing varies based on the amount of lace needed. A partial relace starts at $10 and a full relace starts at $50. Bring your glove by our location or fill out our price estimate form on the contact page for exact pricing


Restore your glove to its original color or change the color entirely with our leather dying services. Small color touch ups start at $15 and a full glove dye starts at $25


We now offer web replacement services. Replacements are available in both black & tan. If you are interested in getting a web replacement, head over to our contact page a request a quote! $30 starting price does not include the price of laces

NEW! We now offer interior leather replacements starting at $70. The worst feeling for a ballplayer is cracked leather scratching against the palm of their hand while they try to play. Head over to the contact page for a quote on new laces and leather interior


Prior to conditioning a glove, we preform a deep leather cleaning to every inch of the glove. Once that is complete, the leather is sealed off with our rub-on conditioner. A dried out glove is prone to cracking and loss of color. Keep your leather healthy by adding on this service to your purchase (stars at $20)



Extra padding into the palm of a glove can serve a variety of issues. The most common reason add padding is to thicken the layer of protection between the impact of a baseball and a player’s hand. However, padding can also help to help tighten up loose leather in a glove’s palm. In order to install new padding you will need a partial relace (starts at $15)